Students belonging to Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribes (APST) are entitled to receive stipend at the following rates, subject to the conditions mentioned therewith:

All Undergraduate Courses:

Above 60% marks in the lower examination: `750.00 per month

Below 60% marks in the lower examination: `650.00 per month

Book Grant (Per session): (B.A. Ist/IIIrd/Vth Semester only): ` 300.00


(1)     The grant of the stipend depends upon the satisfactory progress and good conduct of the students. If the stipendiary is found guilty of misconduct such as resorting to or participating in strikes, irregularity in attendance without the permission of the Principal and if they commit any major offence  of  breach  of  College  and  Hostel  discipline,  the  Principal  has the  power  to  suspend  the  award  of  stipend  with  approval  from  the Governing Body of the College/DHTE, Itanagar.

(2)     Review of attendance of the students will be done every month and monthly attendance records  are sent to the  Director, Higher and Technical Education, Itanagar. Release of the stipend is monitored by theD.H.T.E., Itanagar on the basis of attendance requirement, satisfactory performance in the End-Semester Examinations and good conduct of the students

3)   The  Government shall have the inherent right to cancel the stipend wholly or partly or stop/withhold further payment for violating stipend rules and other reasons which the Government thinks proper.

(4)    If a student is found to have obtained stipend by false means,  the stipend paid will be  recovered  and such students will be blacklisted and debarred from getting stipend under any scheme forever.

(5)   The stipend awarded may be canceled if a student changes the course of study for which the stipend was originally awarded or changes the institution of study without the prior approval of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

(6)  A stipendiary shall cease to draw stipend as and when he/she gets a Government Job.

(7)   Students’ stipend shall be credited to their State Bank of India (Aadharseeded  Savings  Account) only by the Principal as and when the directorate releases the sanction to the College from time to time.

(8)  Students are eligible for only one stipend at a time. They are advised not to apply stipend from multiple sources.

(9)  Students who are eligible to receive stipend must have an AadharSeeded bank account in their name, preferably at the State Bank of India (SBI), Tawang Branch.


Students are eligible to avail Railway Concession during winter  & summer vacation and Educational  Excursion.  They can obtain concession form for to and fro journey to their Home Town and Excursion.


The Academic and Examination Cell established in 2017 is the heart and soul of the institution as it keeps all the records of the entire academic and examinations related matters.  The cell is responsible for admission, registration and to conduct free and fair examinations. The cell functions throughout the year and takes care of proper documentation of all records for future references.  The Cell is being looked after by a Coordinator and a Deputy Coordinator for its smooth functioning.  Besides,  a  Centre Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent are also appointed during the examinations period.


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