ADMISSIONS A.    ADMISSION FOR B.A FIRST SEMESTER: a)   Admission without Late fee: On     or     before     31st     July 2019(Wednesday) b)   Admission with Late fee: 2nd August 2019 (Friday) c)   Commencement of Classes: 1st August 2019 (Thursday) d)   Submission of Admission Forms for Registration to R.G.U.             :     On or before  09th  September 2019 (Monday) NOTE:- Even if […]

Examination and Evaluation

EXAMINATION & EVALUATION 1.    Examination and evaluation shall be done on a continuous basis. 2.    There shall be 20% marks for Internal Assessment and 80% marks for end semester examination in each course every semester. 3.   There shall be no provision for re-evaluation of the answer scripts of the end semester examinations. However, a candidate may apply for […]

Karamveer Late Shri Dorjee Khandu (March 03, 1955 to April 30, 2011)

Dorjee Khandu, who was born on March 19, 1955, is a state politics veteran. He was an Indian politician who served as Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh. He was re-elected in the 2009 Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections. A military intelligence man who participated in the 1971 Bangladesh war, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu had worked his way up as […]

General Code of Conduct for the Student

1.   The Principal counts upon the cooperation of all students and their parents/guardians in the matter of strict observance of the rules of academic discipline, so as to build up and keep alive an atmosphere conducive to real education. 2.   Students are expected to come in proper College Uniform. 3.  Admission to the College means an implicit agreement to abide by the […]