National Service Scheme The normal distribution is a continuous probability distribution that is symmetrical around its mean, most of the observations cluster around the central peak, and the probabilities for values further away from the mean taper off equally in both directions. Extreme values in both tails of the distribution are similarly unlikely. While the […]


The Dorjee KhanduGovernment College Tawang Students’ Union (DKGCTSU) shall be the General Body of the students, which shall strive for the welfare of the student community in the College. The Executive Members of the Union have a moral duty to maintain DISCIPLINE and to inculcate the sense of responsibility among the student community and also […]



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Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh, INDIA- 790104 Phone no: Dr. Yeshi Gyesen, Principal : 9436837004 Email:- principalgctwg@gmail.com, dkgctawang@gmail.com Website:- dkgct.in Write to us

Fee Structure

A. UNIVERSITY FEES: 1 Registration Fee (for B.A. Ist Semester only)   ₹ 250.00 2 Enrolment Fee   ₹  50.00 3 Eligibility Fee (for the students from Boards other than CBSE)   ₹  50.00 4 Continuation Fee (for B.A III & V Semester)   ₹  25.00 5 University Sports Fee   ₹  100.00 6 University Youth […]


SA VIDYA YA VIMUKTAYE MISSION To  fulfill  the  aspirations  of  the  people  in  general  and  the  intellectual requirements of the students in particular and attain the goal of nation-building To facilitate the opportunities of higher education in this Rural Tribal area. To train, guide and direct the abilities, energies, and potentialities of the students in acquiring better […]

From the Principal’s Desk

Dr. Yeshi Gyesen (M.A., Ph.D., SLET, NET) Man is a social animal. But he is physically weakest and most helpless compared to other animals. He is not as strong as a lion; he is not as big as an elephant. He cannot run as fast as a deer, he cannot jump like a monkey from […]


Students seeking admission in this institution are directed to fully understand their moral duties and responsibilities towards the rules and regulations of the college. The following regulation of the undertaking is compulsory and mandatory and is required to be signed in a declaration by every student in the admission form: (A) Undertaking declaring compliance with the anti-ragging regulations […]


 STIPEND AND BOOK GRANT Students belonging to Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribes (APST) are entitled to receive stipend at the following rates, subject to the conditions mentioned therewith: All Undergraduate Courses: Above 60% marks in the lower examination: `750.00 per month Below 60% marks in the lower examination: `650.00 per month Book Grant (Per session): (B.A. […]