Students seeking admission in this institution are directed to fully understand their moral duties and responsibilities towards the rules and regulations of the college. The following regulation of the undertaking is compulsory and mandatory and is required to be signed in a declaration by every student in the admission form:

(A) Undertaking declaring compliance with the anti-ragging regulations as directed by the Honourable Supreme Court.

(B)  Declaration of commitment to the rules and regulations as identified and established by the institution as specified against major/minor offences, which are as mentioned belowHabitual unpunctuality, irregularity in College/Hostel attendance.

1.     Habitual unpunctuality, irregularity in College/Hostel attendance.

2.     Indulgence in various forms of criminal acts.

3.     Use of intoxicating drinks, drugs, smoking within the college & hostel premises

4.     Participation in hartals or any form of strike or picketing or instigation of other students thereof.

5.     Indiscipline of any kind in classrooms, library, college canteen, office, hostels, etc.

6.     Indulging defacing of the college building by resorting to wall writing, postering, spiƫng, etc

7.     Holding meetings of political/ communal character within the college and hostel premises.

8.     Refusal to adhere to any rules and regulations that may be introduced from time to time by the college authority in the interest of the college/ student community.

9.     Resort to the violence of any kind.

10.   Involvement in association with any anti-social, anti-national activity.

11.   Misbehavior with any member of the teaching/non-teaching staff of the college.

12.   Writing Memos/Petitions against college authority without informing the Principal (in writing) to higher authorities.

13.   An act that is an offence under the Indian Penal Code or any special local law.

14.   Any behavior /activity considered unbecoming of a student.

15.   Resorting to unfair means during the examinations.


Every student must fully understand that in the event of any breach of the University/ Government/College rules and commitment of any of the above-mentioned offences,  he/she is liable for disciplinary proceedings as the college authorities deem fit including expulsion from the college. Hence, all are hereby directed to comply and adhere to it seriously.

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